I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I love you, Thankyou. Ho’oponopono

I was lucky enough to meet and do some work with a kahuna healer, years ago. I generally smudge, cleanse, and have to clear any building resentment, but keeping clear is better. I,m pretty eclectic in what i have used and found useful. hoping to be sharing more on healing soon 🙂

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Today is 21st September, the Equinox and a time of change. It is also International Peace Day.

Many of us have been damaged by events in our lives whether it be child sexual abuse or the state stealing our children. These are things that get to our very heart and soul, the core of our being. The injustice, the unfairness, the guilt. That naturally leads to bitterness, anger, resentment and revenge. These negative feelings of ours have a huge toll on us, on our own physical and mental health and often we end up taking our feelings out on friends and family – those we love the most.

One way of helping to heal the rifts between us (and heal ourselves) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness process called ho’oponopono.

To yourself and to others just say the words
I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I love…

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