Who are these people? – List of Judges and MP’s connections to Freemasonry & Bilderberg etc…

Hi, public petition PE01491: Secret society membership declaration by decision makers is now open for support signatures/comments.

The petition can be summarised as seeking to have our decision makers (judges, juries, tax tribunal members) declare whether they are members of the Masons or similar fraternal societies which demand that their members treat fellow brethren differently from non-brethren.

Please read the details here: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/gettinginvolved/petitions/judgesmasonregister

If you agree with the petition terms, consider supporting it, and passing on to anyone who might think they have, or could be, disadvantaged by rulings of tribunals that are tainted by the old-boy network.

Thanks for your consideration.

Tom Minogue, petitioner.

Join The Dots Campaign

Disclaimer:  By publishing this list, we at Join The Dots by no means infer or insinuate, and definitely do not accuse any on it, of any wrongdoings whatsoever.  We also point out that there are also good people on these lists and societies, for a snapshot of their good deeds see your local Freemason site.  Anyone can actually find out who in their area belong to them.  We are just sharing this as a list is quite handy, if you do believe that their maybe something to address regarding this, or wish to research and educate yourself on who’s who in your area.

A list of British Freemason High Court Judges, District Judges and Circuit Judges

  • Jack Abdela His Honour Judge Jack S.R. Abdela 1985 Masonic Year Book
  • Richard Edmund Aldridge Justice of the Peace 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
  • Ian Alexander His Honour Judge Ian Douglas Gavin Alexander…

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