Falling Masonry – Exposing Freemasonry To The Disinfectant Of Sunlight

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It seems highly unlikely that Freemasons are an alien race of shape-shifting lizard-people, or have played a part in every major crime that has ever been committed, but there is enough information on the internet suggesting that the Freemasons would be the correct organization to join, were someone hoping for an invite to the Bilderberg Group or wishing to become part of the Illuminati, that it would be surprising if the Masons were not attracting the sort of people desperate for power, influence and money.

Danger from above: Falling Masonry at Cathedral

Now, if someone asked you “What is a Mason?“. Maybe you’d think, as we used to believe, that Freemasonry is simply a secretive organization for starchy old men with nothing better to do, that consists of rolling up your trouser legs, wearing a leather apron and giving funny handshakes.

Some people have argued that Freemasons shouldn’t be criticised…

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