Night and blessings from Balcombe

tammy samede

Well it’s been a busy day,

The police raced trucks down the road this morning,quite aggressively.

Before the second truck came we were informed by a police liaison officer that the police would not be facilitating protest today.I informed him that our article 10 and 11 rights were engaged(freedom of assembly and right to protest)and that if that was the case it was an infringement of both.

He soon changed his mind.

Anyway cuadrilla wrote to the locals apologising that the protest has caused disruption and that they were withdrawing their application for extended permit.
(The locals came to see us this evening and reiterated their continued support)…
The government said it will be changing legislation so that frackers don’t have to consult so widely and it will be easier and quicker to get permits…

So I guess they are delaying whilst their crooked mates in parliament sort out the…

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