Harriet Harman et al take note: it was a mistake and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

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Pedophilia allegations:FDP politician withdraws candidacy Bundestag

Of Christian Teevs

FDP-Politikerin Döring: "Völlig inakzeptabel"Zur Großansicht

FDP politician Döring: “Totally unacceptable”

<There are many UK MP’s that bear being questioned by the police.   Or probably better by an independent council, made up largely

by survivors of these crimes.    Totally transparent, filmed, with hard questioning.   Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw, Theresa May, also springs to

mind, but there are more.   Also we could include all institutional supporters, colluders, apologists, perpetrators, like the Pope, Cardinals &Bishops, Immams, Monks, Church leaders of every faith have done the same.    The list is long, wide and varied. >

The party political dispute over pedophilia reached the Liberals: A FDP politician from Hesse pulls her parliamentary candidacy.Background is now being submerged text from 1980, in which she writes about sexual relations with children.He is her today “unimaginable embarrassing.

<“Not a perfect translation – original link to German version http://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/fdp-dagmar-doering-gibt-wegen-paedophilie-vergangenheit-auf-a-915895.html)   …

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