Scriptonite Daily’s Round up of the Week’s News

i really enjoy reading this blog & tonight there’s the first radio show !

Scriptonite Daily

Hi readers!

News wise, what a nauseating week? From the egregious extremes of the racist van, the UK Border Agency spotchecks of people of colour along our transport networks, to the unchecked privilege of some celeb twitterati demanding #twittersilence from groups who have to fight every day to be heard.

On a personal note, I’ve begun two new and exciting projects this week.  The first is a book, which is set for release later this year – there has been much writing and editing and rethinking.  I cannot wait to get it out – often the blog is just not the format for some of the stories that need telling, so over the moon to be able to take some more time to present a fuller account on this issue.

The second thing  is a new radio show!  Those lovely people at UK Collapse radio have asked me to…

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