Did Daniel matter ?..When will they ever learn ? 3yrs ago, this was revealed..

I remember this film. It is my local office ! And we have some tales to tell. Coming soon…….

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Child’s death would not matter, social services official tells undercover reporter

A senior social services official has said that it would not matter if a child was killed after their case was closed because it would not be the council’s responsibility.

Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker
Even though he had not worked in a child protection unit for six years, the undercover reporter was given two highly-sensitive cases on his first day in the job without any training Photo: C4

The remark was secretly recorded by a colleague as part of an undercover investigation into Britain’s child protection system.

The findings have exposed numerous failings which, experts said, could be putting lives at risk.

Despite a shake-up of social services across the country in the wake of the death of Baby Peter Connelly, the recordings reveal a disturbing picture of Surrey social services.

The most serious…

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