Report Calls For Expansion Of Residential Workfare For Unemployed and Disabled People

back to the poor houses ? the excuses are building & deplorable treatment advocated, all for our own good, forgetting of course that the sick & disabled contain vast amounts of survivors of child abuse much of it sanctioned by the gov/t of the day. including now. and knowingly, imo mistreating us, making us feel worse, then drugging us with stuff they used many orphans to experiment on, or foster care children. The drug companies and therefore governments by taxes are making profits from the murder & abuse of children.

the void

Women_in_workhouseAn independent report, commissioned by the DWP, has called for greater use of Residential Training for disabled people and an extension of the scheme to include long term unemployed non-disabled people.

The report also accepts that this kind of training, which can involve periods of workfare away from home, should be opened up to the market.  This process may begin with a open tender exercise next year.

Residential Training is a little known scheme available for disabled people who are long term unemployed and in the words of Jobcentre Disability Employment Advisors, are the ‘hardest to help’.

The programme lasts a year and includes a mixture of residential and non-residential training, along with a period of up to three months workfare.  Whilst the DWP’s guidance (PDF) states that this workfare should aim to take place in the participant’s local area, in some cases it can also be arranged on a…

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