Refusal of Abuse Inquiry Report – views wanted

cathy fox blog on child abuse

An authority is refusing release of an  inquiry  report  from the 90s which relates  to  allegations  of  sexual,  physical  and  emotional  abuse  at  a residential special school with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

{Update 12 Jan 2014 The original post did not reveal the identity of the Authority, as an internal review was still going on   – The authority was Camden, the Report requested was the 1997 Barbara Kahan and Bodil Mylnarska Inquiry Report on Stockgrove Park School   and another article written after the Review is here [1], the original FOI request is here [2]}

The reason given is
”  there  is  the  possibility  that  the  young  people  who  are  now  adults may  come  across  this  report  or  extracts,  redacted  or  otherwise,  without  either  warning  or preparation.
Having  discussed  this  possibility  in  detail  with  staff  members  and  professionals  who supported these young people both at the time and subsequently we…

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