I hope you’re proud of yourself, Camoron

Benefit tales

my friend was attacked in her job she ended up with broken vertebrae and cannot walk without the aid of frame she has black outs and atos have ruled her fit for work , she is so poor she cant afford the internet and without a phone she cannot have the emergency necklace that lets her call for help if she needs it , now may have to let her tv go because she cant afford the license , she appealed and won it , she tells me she just cried all the way through the atos assesstment and other people were in the waiting room and they were crying too , I hope you are proud of yourself camoron !!!

From the facebook page ‘Bedroom Tax and Disabled – Tell us your story” 9th July 2013: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bedroomtaxtellusyourstory/

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