When Something Is Wrong With My Baby, Something Is Wrong With Me

From A Whisper To A Roar

I often start to type and end up writing something completely different to what I was thinking of.  That’s not too hard.  There are so many current examples of hateful, shocking sexual violence and general misogyny that I honestly don’t know where to start.  Several times a day I read or hear something that should defy logic…do people really have no idea of how sexism and denial of voices permeates every word in our language, the subjects of our discussions and so often, great miscarriages of justice?  I struggle to believe that so many can truly be unaware.

See, already meandering…

My divine child is approaching four years old.  He represents all manner of saviours, healing and reasons to hold on *no pressure*.  He is also what my heart looks like as it stands outside my body.

For at least a year I have had people refer to…

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