THE PAEDOFILE: Abuse is rarely black and white….but it IS a global business

this really does bear sharing, i,m not put off listening to Ben Fellows interview and knowing personally a few of his fellow travellers, i,m looking forward to a few days camping, maybe, i,m free enough to do that, but can also speak intelligently, about all of the issues raised,, and Ben clearly says on his most recent interview, that all groups, are welcome to be a part of this, and say what they want, or promote themselves within it……………. to join the dots…….. we need to join up, break down barriers, not allow any to disparage the whole and ugly truth, and realising that this effects us all, no matter how we dress, iive, eat, work or not………….. is the key to that and that we have one world to share and care about…………. 🙂 peace

bear with the broadcast, it clears soon, and is a good listen,  fast forward 15mins where it clears after music,

walk against corruption (illuminati)

also videos of their camps so far…………..

A Letter to Ken Clarke from Ben Fellows.   Simply demanding that we are all equal before the law, arn,t we….. Hence the Walk Against Corruption & Child Abuse UK, has launched and a growing momentum, may gather in London in a few weeks………   for now ignore the usual well highlighted stories, by the few ‘leader’s, and allow the whole truth to be shone, by all of us that have a piece of the puzzle to add………….. and a clear way of expressing the big picture.

Here is a revealing and not un common account………..  I have borne witness to many similar testimonies, by parents, now broken, indeed it can happen to either gender……..  but it does seem the artful dodge of many a rich & connected paedophile, the world over, with powerful help, and as Canada is part of the commonwealth, there is much to question our Royals about…. As Chris Spivey said, also Google Kevin Annett,  Australias Forgotten Children, and look at the links on the pages and blogs here and at Join The Dots, for a full as possible picture, with lots of evidenced links..


One thought on “THE PAEDOFILE: Abuse is rarely black and white….but it IS a global business

  1. link for video playlist with events, past , recent , future, but only a few so far, because of having to learn to makem first, lol 🙂 and other distractions, and some intense support needed, of late, and illness, so here it is will update on Road To Change & Walk Against Corruption/ChildAbuse UK, as we hear………. me i don,t care if you think it,s nuts to want to dance round some old stones, I WANNA DO IT…………… 🙂


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