Undercover Police Officers Licensed to Rape & Discredit UK Citizens

Brilliant, sharing , share on and on friends so well put thanks so much for writing, so glad i happened across your blog, and yes i live much of this way as much as possible…….. and have for along time. 🙂

Scriptonite Daily


UK Police forces have despatched undercover agents into peaceful protest movements, where they have engaged in intimate sexual relationships and even had children with the targets of their espionage, while maintaining their cover. They have also been found smearing the families of murder victims and justice campaigners, and undertaken illegal actions to discredit otherwise peaceful movements.  Undercover police exist and it seems they are licensed to do just about anything to suppress our ability to dissent.

State Sponsored Rape?


A British Parliamentary Inquiry (see The Inquiry Report) has revealed a forty year history of the British government deploying undercover police officers from the Special Demonstration Squad  into long term assignments where they develop intimate relationships with members of political and activist groups for the purpose of extracting information.

PS3The first high profile case was that of Mark Kennedy (pictured), who was undercover for seven years, targeting environmental campaign groups. …

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