The Lewisham case: British ‘justice’ at its worst

difficult read, but this was ’87, before i even began to campaign, before i had taken months to pluck up the courage to enter a tiny group of incest survivors, called ISIS in Brixton…….. tears gently flow, i can,t tel you how it feels to read what the children said to their mothers after they had been tortured in court, and cases collapsed and Stuart Bell, was involved in a group, to protect ‘innocent parents’, oh how later on, as i decided to do whatever i could to enlighten, educate, and empower myself and others to speak out, how hopefully, and powerfully we did in the 90,s . Video evidence instead of putting children sexually abused, was called for then, and it is only now 26 years later, that it is now allowed. Oh how they have looked after there own. And how many disbelieved us, mocked us, and how mindblowing the truth of the scale and that high powered and influential people are involved. Especially those involved in the top tier and also throughout all levels of child protection. How many people that were abused, have lost children to ‘care;, How many that have reported abuse, have then lost them to the abuser, with the people left behind, often so traumatised, and broke, some nearly or even broken………these are testimonies i have listened to or read for too long, by too many……..
I urge you to take a deep breath, read and absorb and employ your feelings to really get the implications, of just this one set of injustices,in just one Local Authority.
Each time we have made progress, here UK, there has always been things at play, that few believed, It breaks my heart sometimes, that we didn,t get further, more quickly so that there would not now, be so many more victims than there would have…… i am here now, with whats happening, just have moments, when it just hits me……. and we are still moving forward. Thanks for what you do Murun 🙂


In September 1987, an Old Bailey child sexual abuse trial collapsed after a 9 year old girl broke down in the witness box, having been forced to face her parents for the first time since their arrest.

The girl and her three brothers and sisters, aged between six and eleven, along with at least nine other children, were alleged to have been subjected to horrific abuse by their parents, their grandfather, and a network which included ‘at least three inmates at a nearby hostel for disturbed young people with low mental ages’.

Judge Francis Petre said that the girl’s breakdown had caused ‘insurmountable difficulties’, and ordered the jury to find the parents not guilty.

The social workers who had been working with the children said since their parents arrest were not allowed to enter the court. One of the social workers said “Defence counsel refused even to allow the children…

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One thought on “The Lewisham case: British ‘justice’ at its worst

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    Stuart Hall ran a group ‘protecting ‘innocent’ parents’ back in the 80,s what happened to these children and what they say after is haunting, and that video evidence in these cases was called for but that it has taken 26 years to finally be agreed to……….. indicates to me that collusion has indeed taken place at high levels, to protect their own and there are still more that need to face court……..


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