Ship Called ‘MOL Comfort’ Sank On Way To Jeddah


VesselFinder reports that this ship which was on its way from Singapore to Jeddah supposedly carrying 4,500 containers of arms bound for Syrian ‘rebels’ has broken up and sank leaving a chaotic floating mess of cargo in the shipping lane.

‘The liner sector are going to do whatever it takes to hide unfavourable factors including design faults.  The awesome container transportation mechanism they created may not stand for serious modifications called for by safety needs.’

Further ‘Discussion’ at LunaticOutpost –

Someone at PhilisophersStone makes a ‘bullshit’ call on the 4500 weapons containers bound for Syria. –

Well NLAT what’s really going on?

GovWatch:  From the activists’ point of view, this is good news if there were arms containers amongst the cargo as we don’t wish to see an escalation of the trouble in Syria and we certainly don’t want to see UK and US Govs…

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