People with Mental Issues are Witches

excellent blog & comments, sharing so others may see this , thankyou

Deliberate Donkey

About a month ago, I read a post on BBW in which a girl from the Valley described the horrible way society treated her Paranoid Schizophrenic brother.

After reading it I started typing away, furious as I was, cause I needed to vent my frustration and share my opinion about society WITH society.

You see, besides being a great inspiration for most of my work, society and all of its ugliness is a very sensitive subject for me.

I come from a family in which Domestic Violence seemed to have a higher priority than raising healthy children. My sister was bullied terribly in elementary school, because, basically, we lived in a little town and she was a pretty child. I have a niece, who is epileptic and mentally handicapped and was always singled out and laughed at for her disabilities, even by her own family. When my Dysthymic Disorder kicked in…

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