Email 2: Social Services from 1 of their victims reabused by them, Now HAD ENUF!

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013

Dear Mr *****

                           This is likely to be quite a long email so unless you have the time to both read and digest, I would rather you left it until you can.

I have built myself up a reputation with yourselves as being hostile and uncooperative with your service. Maybe once you read the link I am just about to give you, you will understand why.  I am case *** I would ask that you read the link before you read the rest of this email. I am not asking you to read it all, it is, after all, a lengthy document. If you feel like reading the rest at some point then that is of course up to you.

This is the link:


This is just the tip of the iceberg of the articles and press clippings etc that have suddenly started to circulate the net in regards to my last children’s home. Something of which I have NEVER had proof of before.

Getting the picture yet?

How do you think it feels for me to have been telling the truth all this time and nobody believing me? How do you think it feels for me to have my children removed because I grew up in your so called care system, how do you think it feels for me knowing that Rochdale social services have used abuse I suffered UNDER the hands of Social Services as an excuse to remove my children, vilify me, tell me I have got a ‘personality disorder’ etc etc.  Add on top of that that Rochdale Social Services has now made headlines TWICE for their failings. Is it any wonder I am hostile. YOU TOOK MY CHILDREN!!! And to add insult to injury, you took my children under false pretenses. I have been lied about, lied to and not believed.

There is a strong possibility that the inquiry into my last children’s home will be reopened and if it is, I shall be making it VERY clear that not only did Social Services fail me then, they have failed me and now my children all over again. The borough it happened in means NOTHING, the fact that it all happened under the banner of Social work and ‘Child Protection’ means everything.

yours sincerely,

*********     **********************


2 thoughts on “Email 2: Social Services from 1 of their victims reabused by them, Now HAD ENUF!

  1. The school I attended Edmonton, London, secondary modern school daily beatings with a bamboo cane were a daily occurrence you may have thought some relief at home, daily beatings with either a leather razor strap or a bamboo cane were all part of the days ritual, by ones bio- Mother and Father, this took place in 1948 for some 3 to 4 years.
    I often think about this, I know little of others time in these years, with regard to corporal punishment, somewhat puzzling this time, I think the British were angry and repressed because of the war, 1940-45, needless to say one will never be the same.


  2. Reblogged this on Join The Dots Campaign and commented:

    This person has asked to remain anonymous, the asterisk are there for good reason.

    Should anyone be able to offer assistance to them, please email

    We will then ask whether they wish for contact.

    We need to respect very much and validate people suddenly being re traumatised by their pasts being thrown up, and effective help needs to be in place, with speed. often belief, patient, attentive listening, validating and honouring the courage, the enormous fear broken through, is so massive, and there can also be aftershocks, and release of emotions. With empathy, good therapeutic, healing tools, techniques, compassion, faith in the persons ability to heal, and know inwardly what they need, and responding as far as possible to that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can bring about transformation.

    We are soon releasing recordings of the kind of ‘help’, and mainly the opposite of the above, thus far begged for from the ‘expert professionals’ that some may believe offer care to victims of past childhood abuse. Their story has similarities with far too many others…………..


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