crisis plan and discharged

We need to find ways to support empathically, and en courage, validate, and help people repair the damage by the suffering left behind, and remember that many, that may never have spoken of it before, are now finding it difficult but very scary to reveal, some are triggered and in crisis, and there is help out there, but too thin on the ground, and often not nourishing or sustaining enough to support healing of childhood trauma……………when dealt by the child protection system, or then covered up, and worse still when problems are at times excacerbated, rather than helped, more and more people are disclosing, or taking action, and some of the accounts of information sharing with services or police, are excellent, good or fair, but some are apalling , thoughtess, and damaging, i urge people to be as gentle and patient as possible, and at least if someone discloses and you are unable to help, please try and signpost them towards possible support………..and if able, give some.
Also please emai if you can offer some help, in some way, no matter how small……… all will add up, like the £2.00 donations to the green dot brigade and others, who have not effectively protected children, yet. G4S are soon to pilot a scheme in Birmingham UK………contracted to run the rape & sexual assault suites, and then contract out the support offered……… will this be a better way, or the new way to still control, which cases are not covered up… ? And still protect those chosen to be ? it begs questioning, observing and providing alternatives too. imo


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