Police powers finally kettled by High Court


FIT cop big camera crop

For years it has been common practice for protesters held in a kettle (police containment) to be forced to submit to police filming and/or provide their details as a condition of leaving. There have been countless incidents in which protesters who have tried (lawfully) to refuse these demands have been threatened with arrest, or told they could not leave the kettle.

This should now change, as the High Court has today ruled that the police have no powers to force people to give their details, or comply with police filming and photography, simply because they are held in a kettle.
Lord Justice Moses criticised police practice in no uncertain terms. He stated,

It is unacceptable that a civilian photographer on instruction from the police should be entitled to obtain photographs for investigation and crime investigation purposes…as the price for leaving a containment. Although the common law has sanctioned containment…

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One thought on “Police powers finally kettled by High Court

  1. The police have no say in the matter, they are the tools of the think tanks that advise governments, and governments are advised by financiers, the financiers are a mentally demented lot who have lost their way some time back, most likely in Britain with Cromwell requiring money from the Jews to over throw the Royals, not only was Cromwell ruthless and power hungry, leading to a police state of individuals who are predominately working class who are unable to get a job other than police work, needless to say the uniform attracts losers, those that are not able to get pop star status, police work becomes 2nd best, the pop star status is virtually infecting all who not being any one in particular seeks to find their path in dress up and requiring crowd applause and to be some one loved, adored, and treasured in what for many appears in a Universe that is indifferent to Man.


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