A Dark Day for Democracy as G8 Protesters Treated as Terrorists by Militarised UK Police Force

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Today, hundreds of police in full riot gear stormed a squat in London’s Soho, making dozens of arrests and dragging people through the street – for arranging a peaceful protest of the G8 Summit.  How much longer can the UK claim to be a democracy, when it treats peaceful protest as domestic terrorism?

The Assault on Beak Street

More than 100 officers, in full riot gear attended the property on Soho’s Beak Street this morning, storming a squat and making thirty two arrests. Although the Metropolitan Police claim in a press statement to have made only 6 arrests for:

2 x possession of articles with intent to commit criminal damage
1 x assault on police
1 x criminal damage
1 x possession of an offensive weapon
1 x failing to remove a face covering under Section 60AA

It has been reported that police used excessive force during the arrests…

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One thought on “A Dark Day for Democracy as G8 Protesters Treated as Terrorists by Militarised UK Police Force

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