Dr Hibbert – does not want to answer for draconian corrupt destructive work


This Dr is so far the only one facing a class action,  to my knowledge, any other parents wishing to proceed contact….

http://www.farleys.com/people/rebecca-fairclough/   So far there are 6 parents taking this action, and good for them, it,s not easy.

There are two Channel 4 special news reports on these ‘experts’ on this Join The Dots playlist  ‘Child Protection, is it????…..’  and other playlists including support for victims/survivors of Child sexual abuse, and others revealing the coverups of institutional abuse.  


Swindon doctor wins fight to challenge probe

12:30pm Tuesday 28th May 2013 in News Photograph of the Author By Stephanie Tye
Denies basis for complaint Dr George Hibbert Denies basis for complaint Dr George Hibbert

A LEADING psychiatrist has won the first step in a bid to block a General Medical Council probe into allegations he subjected a woman to ‘bizarre’ parental tests.

Dr George Hibbert, who has run the rule over hundreds of parents for social services at his assessment centre in Blunsdon, is facing complaints from a woman who says he should be struck off after recommending her baby be taken into care.

The GMC launched an investigation after the woman, in her 30s, alleged, among other things, that Dr Hibbert subjected her to unorthodox assessments and wrongly urged that her three-month-old baby be taken from her care by social workers. He vehemently denies there is any basis to her complaints.

Last week, a top judge opened the way for Dr Hibbert to mount a full High Court challenge to the GMC’s decision to trigger an inquiry, saying there were ‘arguable grounds’ for stopping the probe in its tracks.

Martin Spencer QC, for Dr Hibbert, said the woman who made the complaints was a former-drug user about whom social workers became concerned after she became pregnant in 2005.

The mother and baby – who had been made the subject of a protective care order before she was born in early 2006 – was referred to Dr Hibbert’s Tadpole Cottage centre for assessment.

During the baby’s three-month stay at the centre, she ‘failed to thrive’ and lost weight rapidly, before being transferred to hospital for treatment.

“A doctor was concerned that the baby might be withdrawing from drugs taken by her mother during the pregnancy,” said Mr Spencer.

The barrister said Dr Hibbert voiced concerns about the woman’s fitness as a parent and ‘stated his opinion that the baby should not be placed in her care’ before they were discharged from the assessment centre in mid-2006.

The baby was put into foster care but then returned to her mother later that year after a family judge ruled that was in the child’s best interests.

In June last year, the GMC received a complaint from the mother relating to her stay at Dr Hibbert’s Assessment in Care centre.

The woman claimed she was banned her from seeing her family during the assessment and that her baby was fed from a teat for such long spells that she developed a lip deformity.

She alleged she was subjected her to ‘bizarre’ parental tests, such as performing household chores in the centre while the baby was strapped to her, and criticised Dr Hibbert’s final recommendation that the baby be removed from her care, Mr Spencer added.

The QC said the GMC had also received another complaint about Dr Hibbert and he had been blasted in the media as a result. This included coverage in the Advertiser, as well as national publications such as the Daily Mail.

Departing from restrictions that normally block complaints being investigated more than five years after the event, the GMC decided to look into the woman’s accusations.

Mr Spencer argued the GMC was wrong to proceed without allowing Dr Hibbert a chance to challenge the mother’s assertion that she had ‘not felt strong enough’ to complain before.

However, Gemma White, for the GMC, said: “At this stage the question was simply whether the investigation should proceed, notwithstanding the five-year-rule.”

She said Dr Hibbert could defend the accusations if and when they reached a full hearing.

Mr Justice Ouseley granted permission for the case to be considered in a full judicial review, likely to take place in October.

Link for above article:  http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/10446942.Swindon_doctor_wins_fight_to_challenge_probe/

Also read this article from March 2012 and remember that he tried to simply leave the profession, rather than face an inquiry or face questions at all. http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9601447.Parents____anger_at_shrink_s__false__diagnosis/

This is the tip of the iceberg according to many and known unfortunately only too well by many parents, one hidden fact is that 60% of the parents losing children to the ‘care’ system, were abused themselves, 30% abused within the ‘care’ system.

Also remember the Gove, (who recently allowed a convicted sex offender to continue teaching at a Catholic School, is spearheading the ‘speeding up of forced adoptions’, whilst now removing the need for these charlatans, undoubtedly to prove that by the time this gets to GMC inquiry or Class Action, that they have clean hands, however there are many similar psychiatric horrors going on, think on this £6000 pw. That money could have been spent on safe, empathic, nurturing support for parents, that in many cases lose their children, on a biased label, or even simply for having been in care, how must that feel??? Especially with all of the coverups of abuse in care, now being revisited.

I,m putting together an article to enlarge on this picture, with some of my personal encounters with psychiatry at the moment. One thing i will reveal here, is that my psychiatrist thought it relevant, to report on my assessment for parenting, that i didn,t like kinky sex, probably like oral sex………………….unbelievable? i will publish docs soon, and there is for me a clear case to be made of the Psychiatric profession (Professor Jane Ireland, and others of her authentic ilk, thankfully now making changes being exceptions). Aiding and abetting child rapists, torturers, murderers, whilst colluding with the denial of the enormity of child sexual abuse and denying survivors and victims the help so sorely needed, instead often facilitating more abuse, and definitely punishing care leavers, or abuse survivors in deeming them unfit as parents, mostly for a risk of possible future harm………………more to come, as I can do so. Its hard for me still, to even read some of the shite written.

Here: more on this and other accounts around the world, but seriously having spoken with so many parents, this is so common, so hidden, so brutal, and whilst personally i,m glad that less so called experts will be used in family court, and more than delighted that the pschologists are now challenging psychiatry with its dangerous labels and drugs, that are simply made up and suppress symptoms……….there is real justification to insist that cases are reviewed and children wrongly taken , returned………. http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2012-04-05/doc-gave-psych-diagnoses-to-yank-children-from-parents-tip-of-the-iceberg-in-service-abuses/ there are other links


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