Ritualistic Abuse And Mind Control

tammy samede

So,I’m going to be writing a book about this,my experience of it and my journey of healing.I’m hoping it will educate others and offer comfort and hope to other survivors.

If you asked any of us survivors what’s the worst part,no doubt most of us would say the pain.The physical,emotional and spiritual pain.And the not being believed.

Throughout my childhood I experienced
An extraordinary amount of abuse,exploitation and betrayal.I have seen some real horror.

I developed(as a child)a dissociative disorder to defend myself.But in order to heal from what I protected myself from,I had to face it.

It wasn’t ordinary trauma.

It was ritualistic mind control trauma.

In order to recover I’ve had to reclaim parts of myself.And then connect all those parts with the good things in this world.My journey is ongoing.No doubt I am Unwell because of so many years of repressed feelings.Mostly of rage and grief.


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