Sally Bercow – Guilty ? I don’t think so….Lord McAlpine tho is…

I watched the whole fiasco as it unfolded, with some disbelief.

How could Lord Mc Alpine, become hundreds of thousands of pounds richer, over a simple sentence, meant as a tongue in cheek, joke.

By then we all knew that the whole thing had been engineered, and the Slogger nailed it, and opened many eyes with his blog about the Lords own description of how to pull off such a press coup.

But Lord McAlpine is guilty of a few things that are very serious in my opinion.

Collecting and displaying the art of Ovendon.    For me having listened to victims of ovendon, and particularly one survivor who spoke up about it for years and years, describing what had happened and the fact that pictures of her were in the Tate Gallery, and no amount of campaigning, writing, pleading, made a dent on eithers’  conciences which speaks volumes, that for some people, it was ok , to abuse young children, record images in paint, display with impunity and only take down after a court ruling………that speaks volumes.

So ………………….Alistair here is my message and declaration to you………..I hereby strip you of your undeserved title, and to explain why you have no right to it, would take too much of my valueble time.

Alistair, commonly known as Lord McAlpine,

I  Sheva  accuse you of stealing.   Of dishonestly and maliciously, fraudulently obtaining funds from vulnerable people (nothing new in that, though is there).

I Sheva accuse you also of being selfish, greedy, arrogant but most of all of being silly.

Silliness because you have mocked the power of the internet, believing that as long as the mass media obey their secret instructions and all of the players played their parts, that the populace would be fooled.  Indeed your silliness is embarrassing to behold.

You have forgotten the silent majority that reigns.   They exist and have been reading, watching, and absorbing our truthes, until they had to burst onto the mass media stage, and staged it then became.

There is though a much bigger spotlight, the freedom of the internet, and you through this stupid fiasco, thought you could play a charade.   And use all of your machiavellian mischief  to contain, control and coverup.

Silliness to think you can do that………it was too late long ago, and you forgot some simple universal truthes.

You are playing for the queen.

Well I dare you Alistair……………I will not back down,

So sue me.

How dare you rob the funds that could have already helped thousands of victims and survivors of child abuse, and then replace that money by squeezing people, because you can.

How dare you deny us, as the public have become more and more aware of the enormity of child rape, murder, torture, and the enormous effort that has gone into suppressing our truthes, helped by many professions that are involved in child protection.  Too many have joined the dots.   It is sickening to me that you took such offence at so slight a remark, and denied people the right to help sooner, that were raped as children.

I ask  the following questions.

1.  Were you a member of the house of lords in 1993, and if so, did you vote for the statute of limitations to be changed, which meant

that survivors of child sexual abuse could not sue their abuser if they were over 24 years old?

2.  If so, how did you vote?

3.  Why did you buy and show Ovendons paintings, ie What on earth persuaded you to think that they were acceptable?

4.  In 1993 did you listen to the whole recording of our first public rally, and did you watch the tape.   If so, were you aware or told that

there were members of other peers’ families participating?   And if so, did you exert your influence to have the programme banned

from being shown?

5.  Do you, Alistair, commonly known as lord mcalpine have interests, shares in drug companies?  And if so, you will soon be charged

with covering up the torture and murder of children, through experimentation the world over in residential schools, orphanages

mother and baby homes, and more recently in childrens ‘care’ homes and in Africa.

That’s all for now.

I further accuse you of being a bully, a horrible, nasty bully.

With no respect whatsoever


It is clear to you surely now that many of us have no fear of you and your kind :


Here is the courts ver dict:

finally after how many years?  ver dict on Ovendon who painted pictures of children abused, that scalpy had on his walls to admire everyday………..

and I re iterate what others’ say, that it was his dead brother jimmy, check out Jointhedots100 youtube channel, videos collated of documentaries, where this is obvious.

and here is the machiavellian piece, a book scaly scalpy alpine mcalpine, wrote himself:


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