Lord Lane wasn’t the only judge who had sympathy for paedophiles

i,m wondering if anyone came across the story of the judge who said a young girl was ‘no angel’, in ’94, Dorcas had him on his show ‘Devils’ Advocate, which i was invited onto, he was fantastic the way he ripped into him about it…i was overawed by sitting next to Helena Kennedy, and was still terrified of speaking often dumbfounded, but both Dorcas and Helena, spent time talking with me, i really felt that he cared and he had tears in his eyes, shamelessly as we talked…..i don,t know if it was this one, cos i definitely was on the show autumn time ’94, unless by then he had given more light sentences or stupid remarks….and I can,t think of Dorcas’ surname.http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/no-angel-sex-abuse-case-man-jailed-court-of-appeal-criticises-judge-for-his-unacceptable-comment-about-girl-nine-1487937.html


Following on from the story of Lord Lane, who freed paedophile Oliver Brooke on appeal, and said that his extensive involement in the trade in images of child abuse was like ‘collecting cigarette cards’, here are two more articles which show sinister views on paedophilia from senior members of the judiciary.

The Guardian, 25th July 1981

G25781The Times, 20th December 1983


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