A personal account of kidnapping, trafficking, adoption & abuse India ~ Canada

A truly horrific story, soon to also be published more widely…too. I hope Vanessa finds the help needed to progress her valiant mission……we will keep up to date with her. Such a journey, too many are suffering, needessly at the hands of those charged with protection children.

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Listen hear to Vanessa speaking  with Aaron of ‘Exposing The Truth’  Radio :  http://unboundradio.com/exposing-the-truth-2266/

Here is my horror story of what happened to me after I was kidnapped at a young age and then adopted into Canada.

Nightmares are dreams too……this is my true story.
I was born in India but I do not know my actual birth date. I always felt strongly and have fleeting memories that I was well loved and cared for in the early part of my life. Around the age of 3 or 4 years old while I was sleeping, a woman stole me from my bed and my family in the night. The details are too much to go into but this link will tell the story of my early years http://www.missingindiankids.com/searching/vanessa/

I then arrived at Holy Angels Convent in Thiruvananthapuram kerala India in 1974. I was taken very good care of by…

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