Amazed to see how many are following this blog…

I came here to begin some of my personal story here, which i havn’t told publically, very much…….and i will begin soon, but i just caught sight of that i have 1600 followers…………….wow, i really am amazed, and wondering if its’ a mistake, i certainly havn,t recieved email notifications of them all,  i,m not one for numbers, and don,t take too much notice, but the last time i looked it was around 20 !   ……………and i must admit i feel a bit confused, because i have hardly engaged here, mostly reblogged………i had just begun to have a go at blogging, when the Join The Dots team began forming,  and so working on that page, twitter account and blog, has taken more of my time.   And mainly i have reblogged, or channelled others’ work……….though i had planned to be more of a writer of articles,  and that will come………

Now about my grammar………i often don,t use capitals,  for i/me, it is my way of being humble in my ramblings & rantings, and with authorities, that i feel don,t deserve the respect of a capital letter.

I am though very tired, lately a few people have needed support quite intensely, and indeed needed more than i could offer, and as ever i have directed them towards other groups, and people, so that hopefully they can find enough support, for now, until we can do better, which makes me even more determined to find ways to re route donations, from the charities that have failed, to our group/s, so that collectively we can provide the services that we know are needed, and are not there for many.   Those that are there are inundated.

Recently i heard of a charity that Matty McVarish is supporting amongst others, with his walk around europe that the nhs sends people to, but does not fund…………..this can,t be right, surely……victims & survivors have been sidelined and suppressed in so many ways, so i,m right behind this venture The Road to Change, that begins in London  29th & 30th with two film showings of a ‘To Kill a Kelpie’:

There are two chances to catch this event, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th. Only 100 spaces sadly and it’s filling fast. RSVP to be sure of your seat because spaces are limited but Matty  really wants  you to be there.   suggested donation £10.00  as the venue has to be paid for…….please be generous as you can.

facebook event page for film showings:

”  ”   ”   ”        ”      ”    ”  ”   ”      walk the first mile :

and then 31st outside the National Theatre, for the first mile walk along the southbank……come and see him off…………..give him a wave and a cheer, I,m really thankful that i found out about it, and looking forward to sharing his news, through his 2year journey.   Hope to meet up with many friends and meet new ones there………….:)

Road to Change :   including Matty’s blog.

Promised recordings with people will start very soon,  my health hasn,t been at best lately, and it,s slowing me down.

But as ever, i try to link people up, and work with others, as much as possible, or support others’ work, because none of us can tackle this alone, no one group………..we all need to be taking this more seriously in our own rights, as the coverups and denials and poor treatment of victims of abuse, is revealed and still happening…………it,s why i began the marches and rallies, 20years ago, with the dream of stopping child abuse, and making sure we had justice and support…………..we can do this,  together…..:)


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