Testimonies of Child Trafficking, Murder, Torture, Rape ~ Worldwide Update

brave testimony, sensitively handled by Mel Ve and Kevin Annett. Be careful listening, especially SRA survivors, i,m beginning to record with people soon, to help Join The Dots, It was Mel Ve, who helped me to air some of mine, and helped me join dots in how our campaigns have been controlled………..this is freedom of speech in action, by Freedom Central

Join The Dots Campaign

Have added some more videos of child sex trafficking through UK & Europe that includes  Part 2 of the interview in Holland with a very brave woman, be careful watching……..but as I said last time, if people are brave enough to speak, we need to be brave enough to listen…..if possible, and i know some people,  just can,t handle listen,  so don,t , it,s ok……there is an army out there, mainly still silent, that are willing the whole truth to finally come out and be heard, recognised, validated and redressed, and most importantly….Stopped.  Full Stop……..it,s Red, not Green.  There are some resources in them too, and a dedicated playlist of support resources……All playlists still being added to.   These lists have been created to try and give a broad picture, but even so it is only the tip of the iceberg, there is also a list of Victims & Survivors courageously…

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