Thoughts on my upcoming book …

powerful to read even this intro, brave step to offer help to people who only know how to abuse and wish to stop, and obviously dependent on degree of abuse, it’s lovely to read that Stacy got so much inspiration from others further ahead, along her path towards healing, as I did, and get told by many how they have been helped by me and others, and gone on to help more, that is beautiful and reassuring to me…………

Stacey M. Kananen

fearcoverfinalWell, it is hard to believe, but after three long years the book that I co-authored with Lisa Bonnice will be released in June. Fear of Our Father was a project that took many different directions before it ended up as a final product. First, the title was Sink or Swim but that was changed by the publisher. Then, it took many long interviews followed by many hours of therapy for the book to unfold. To say that it was a labor of love would be inaccurate, but it is a labor that I am proud of.

While this book tells my life story of abuse, the murder of my parents, my trial, and being found not guilty, it is meant to show people that no matter what happens in your life you can survive. The road to healing is hard and long, I am still in therapy, but you…

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