Austerity……Cuts And The Deception

it is worth learning the facts…….

tammy samede

Atos And The Murder Of The Disabled.

10,000 sick and disabled people died shortly after undergoing a work capability assessment.A huge number of these people had been put into the work group by Atos and had their benefits cut.The others were people who died during or shortly after the stressful appeal and assessment process.This means that during the final days of their lives,they were subjected to utterly unnecessary stress at a time when they and their families should have been taking time to make the most of their last days together.

The number of deaths is no doubt much higher than 10,000 now as the DWP(Department Of Work And Pensions)does NO follow up on the people who Atos have found fit for work. The assessment process is biased against people who have mental health dissablities.

Suicide is NOT a dirty word in fact it is something we need to talk about.Its certainly been a part of my life very…

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