Again, survivors under attack

we are often targetted, revictimised in so many ways……..but this blogger is right, we will carry on…………

My Healing From CSA

Why can’t us survivors just have one day, where we don’t have to listen to or read about idiots who have no idea what it’s like to have been abused. How dare that barrister even contemplate lowering the age of consent to 13.

If that’s the case it invalidates so many wonderful survivors including myself. Survivors who have dragged themselves from the pit of despair to functioning human beings. These people don’t understand that effects can last a lifetime.

My point is that survivors seem to be easy targets. Well they’re wrong. Because we will always fight this. Why doesn’t the media interview survivors who have raised thousands of pounds for charity.

This has to stop now. Survivors are people too. We will not accept this any more.

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