An open letter to Barbara Hewson from a survivor

i really can identify, as someone who has fought long and hard, to unite people & groups, to allow as much light as possible to be shone on the gross enormity of abuse, and how we have been silenced at every turn…..each time our voices become louder, and we are being heard, a new swerve ball is thrown. I was appalled too by the language the article is drenched in, such derision, scorn, and that she thinks we also need to be humiliated further in courts and have our names published, as an answer, we all know, that will silence still more, it,s up to us that are concious to make sure we do grow a good core of groups, and events and keep ourselves strong. my main aim is to be able to co create some excellent resources for us, that have just never been there…..the fact that we have to go to nspcc is in itself proof that resources are just too thin on the ground, tho there are many, that are not considered for mainstream press, deemed too radical etc. this is why it has also taken so long for the coverups in childrens homes to come to light, and still it could get reburied

Another angry woman

Following Barbara Hewson’s vicious comments about rape and sexual abuse, a survivor got in touch with me asking me to put up this open letter that she wrote. She prefers to remain anonymous and I have posted it here. Content note: this piece discusses sexual abuse and the psychological impact of sexual abuse. 

Dear Barrister Barbara Hewson,

Today you have called for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to stop “the persecution of old men” and warning against “fetishising victimhood” in the light of the case of Stewart Hall.

Let me tell you, Ms Hewson, victimhood is not something to be fetished or enjoyed. As many have already said your remarks represent the fear that all victims have of being disbelieved and the accusations of being attention seeking liars who enjoy victimhood. Abuse is something that haunts and damages you for the rest of your life, effects all the decisions you make, the…

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