worth another look at more comments if you have read already, this blog i find very interesting, well informed and indeed has informed me, much especially over mcalpines malevolant machiavellian trick……twit

The Slog

Yesterday’s revelation that the man in police custody is Rolf Harris represented yet more distraction away from the mainstream of British paedophilia. But The Slog will continue to report the reality.

This from a victim of sexual abuse by John Wills, would-be scoutmaster in Stowmarket – about whom I posted recently:

“I was raped and abused sexually by John wills whilst in care as a child. A cursory google of John Wills paedophile will throw up how Wills is also linked to oakwood school stowmarket and abuse there, he’s the lynch pin of a huge paedophile ring. The police tried to deny yesterday that it was him, but I’ve seen pictures of him there. They gave him amnesty from further prosecution and further access to boys in return for him giving the police evidence on other paedophiles.

“Jonathan Eckersley was my social worker and arranged for me to go to…

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