Announcement: Wrexham Event Cancelled

there are many obstacles to this demo, which as a so newly formed team, we just cannot overcome………yet

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It is with a very heavy heart I have to announce that this Sunday’s demo in Wrexham has had to be called off.

In an error of judgement I agreed to have a meeting with the Police and local Council beforehand, this was the events undoing.

I informed the police of the demo approximately a month in advance, not a legal obligation I believe, but did so in the spirit of co-operation. They arranged a meeting with the police and council two weeks prior to the event. I was not obliged to go the meeting, but again, in the spirit of co-operation I went along.

By going to the meeting I put myself in the position where as the organiser I could be arrested as a matter of course if anything went wrong, also, without insurance, if anything went wrong I would personally be solely financially responsible, not Join…

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