for a fairly short read, a good insight into triggers, and some help with dealing with them.

Voice Found

The human mind is miraculous. That we have the capacity to recall and relive beautiful moments is a blessing. The  smell of rain can bring me back to summer evenings on my favourite swing on the covered porch at the cottage. The taste of maple walnut ice cream has me sitting in a sunny kitchen with my grandfather. Anything from the Deep Purple Machine Head album and I’m hanging with my grade 10 boyfriend. The colour orange makes me smile – always. Maybe it’s because in 1967 I had a pair of orange patent leather sling back shoes with a flower on the front that made me feel like a fashion model. A hand cradling the side of my head and I feel safe. I’m not entirely sure why, but I won’t question it. It simply is and I love the feeling.

For all the beautiful memories there are equally…

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