spot on, as reports emerge, we really do need a massive surge of support for the people who are now not sure if their story will be out, without warning, and some are dreading a knock at the door, suddenly reliving it and not many places to turn, vulnerable as 60% of children taken into ‘care’, are from abused parents…………….join the dots…..abuse within care, abusers within care, paedophile rings, powerful people involved, victims, survivors consistantly silenced, disbelieved, or in crisis get onto the child protection radar, and find instead of support and help, children are then put into the ‘care’ system, in which 30% of them , were abused, it is now vital, that this is addressed. And the reason, i,m with the Join The Dots team………..lets join up and support each other through this, a very difficult time for many…….

The Slog.

All Quiet on the Rocks Lane team as more history of blatant cover-up emerges

Recently, a paedophilia victims support group was raided by police, and evidence removed. This morning, Downing Street stands accused of restricting funds to help people sexually abused as children. The plan seems to be to starve the outers of the money they need to blow the whistle on a long-standing and appalling history of cover-up at the highest levels of government.

Just how long this history is becomes apparent when reading accounts like that of former Met cop, Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll. Way back in the nineties, Driscoll was given the task of finding out who the ­paedophiles were preying on kids in Lambeth Council childrens’ homes.

However, his superiors quickly decided they didn’t like the names he came up with. He was summarily removed from the case and put on disciplinary charges. His crime…

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