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winter-skinBy now, you’ve probably noticed the effects of winter weather on your skin. Bitter cold and biting winds outside and the dry heat and lack of humidity inside all affect the way your skin, lips and nails look and feel. But San Diego dermatologist Tess Mauricio says we can prevent the harsh effects of winter on our skin by following her list of dos and don’ts:

  • Drink water. There is not much moisture in winter air, and this can leave skin dry, itchy, and and sensitive. Drinking water, as well as eating foods that have a high water content in them, can increase the body’s water intake and keep it hydrated all winter long.
  • Moisturize: Maintaining the skin’s moisture levels is important for health skin year-round, but  during the winter it becomes a priority. The dry air can cause the moisture levels to decline, leaving dry skin behind. Opt for a…

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