we need to find ways to create sanctuaries for the survivors of abuse, the victims still walking wounded, to turn to with excellent & effective support, nuturing & empowering, healing help. this article expresses the keening pain, of these wounds, the haunting agony, that can be released, safely, at Join The Dots, we intend to push forward these ideas, until they are a reality, retaining independence, so that the failed mainstream system, cannot block or contol us doing, what is long overdue. The system, could not Join The Dots, we can together, The system could not Stop child abuse, we can, together. The system could not offer sufficient support or recognition to victims/survivors of childhood sexual assault & rape, we can, together………we can co create, and help to flourish, things that actually work, we are also creating lists to include some very good support groups, websites, and centres…….please send us details , see contact details : childabusejointhedots@gmail.com

Karla Dhiya

Walking around the streets, talking to myself inside my head, saying I was going to be strong, I was gonna make it. Urban music about surviving struggles on constant loop between my ears. I really could handle anything. I had seen so much; I had no fear.

A decade or so later, and I did survive; I made it. I’m free to live the life of my own choice. Nobody can keep me as their victim now.

But now is the time that I’m suffering. The pain of the world and all of its actions towards me; the lack of understanding of all of those things and how they could happen, the fear that they were all my fault and, like people always said to me, I’m disgusting and don’t deserve anything.

Soon enough (although not extremely soon in my case as the decline took approximately three years) I can’t…

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