PLACES OF SAFETY.  A shocking and extremely long list of UK Childrens’ Homes where reports have been alleged and in some cases proven, in most still covered up, when it could have been revealed that powerful people were involved in rings, that passed these children around.   April 21st Millions March Against Child Abuse UK, forming in Wrexham, Wales  & London, so far, aligns with MMACA USA, events.  We are hoping more people will hold an event or vigil, at as many of these homes as possible, leaflets are being prepared, and groups can request help with adding The Join The Dots, red button to their logo, or image, or to help with artwork.  more details please see

JOIN IN, join the facebook page on the blog, lets join the dots, as the child protection system so far, has failed to do.

Lets also make sure that the survivors of abuse have places of safety, sanctuary & healing, support & help…………At long last.

Lets also join  together with the forgotten children worldwide, many sent abroad to suffer abuse in residential schools, and the children of the indigenous & aboriginal tribes, that were torn from their families, to be abused too.

Lets STOP Child Abuse.  The Real Fullstop.


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