a must read, succinct tale of a wander down the rabbit hole, clear, and joining those dots, join the dots is the theme, for our april events, we believe the buttons need to be red, the real full stop, so at our flashmobs please make big red round placards, with ur message, joining the dots, please comment check out our events, and allow us to also have yours on our list, UK, and on our programmes or leaflets, we are co creating these events, all welcome, be the voice, speak up for the children, survivors of abuse speak out and educate, if ready, and supporters and friends, please listen, had they listen to our first rallies, 20years ago, when we told london all of this, well indeed those in power probably did listen , very carefully to the tapes, and then endeavoured to suppress, punish, torture, abuse, steal our children, drug, and still not address the fact that we were traumatised, and needed help. Tho many have been helped, or found sources of support, and journeyed towards healing, so many havn,t, and have faced further deprivatons, so yes we tell our stories and our her/herstoies, to be heard and then applauded is a very special thing. And this is what we hope will be facilitated, en masse, during april.

The Slog.

There is a paedophile syndicate that runs across the British Establishment at every level. When will it be purged?

This is one of the oddest posts I’ve ever put up.

Yesterday by email, somebody sent me this flashback to an article in the Independent during 2000. Lest we forget, that’s now over twelve years ago. In and of itself, there is the familiar pattern of it referring back to a 20-year period beginning nearly forty years ago. This is a brief set of extracts from it:

‘More than 200 children are believed to have been abused by a network of paedophiles in London care homes. Seven people have been arrested – and 11 council workers suspended – in the on-going police inquiry covering 20 years of sexual and physical abuse….The investigation is examining alleged abuse in Lambeth homes from 1974 to 1994….Links have also been discovered between several of the…

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