Did you Google Hollie Grieg ?: meet some of the accused/hoax group/was this a planned coopt?

George pub, Strand, London, Uk 1pm All Welcome,

we are only discussing the actions of those involved in the campaign, and so the accused have a chance to put their side, they had cordially invited belinda mackenzie, robert green, anne, to attend, so that in public, with witnesses, they could be called to question. There are videos on youtube and they only ask that people listen, make up their own minds, we will not be discussing the person central to the campaign, we believe she has been paraded around enough, and publicly used, by people with hidden agenda,s and other gains in mind.

Not only have they refused to come, but are indeed threatening their members that they could even be arrested for attending. The hosts know the agenda, and are perfectly happy to facilitate a truthseeking meeting, that is fair. I am shocked at the levels these particular so called child abuse campaigners, (that don,t stack up at all, to the massive global network, that i am linked to), and are now attempting to scare me online, and calling people traitors and turncoats,bullies, child abuse supporters, pedophile lovers, even i am included in that.

I will be sharing my experience of them, and the impact it has had, in fact, silencing many, and sucking the oxygen from a campaign, energised by my group,2010.

I REPEAT, ALL ARE WELCOME, it is advised tho to get there early, if you do not wish to show your presence on the various event lists. we believe many will be interested in what we have to say, i am a guest speaker. there are videos & a website with more on this story, and more details of the meeting here: http://www.meetup.com/Inspired-By-David-Icke-London-Discussion-Group/events/102939622/

http://www.theholliegreigcoverup.net/      here is the real evidence of the hollie campaign……worth reading & watching the videos where it is obvious that she is prompted.  as well as medical evidence, and other untruthes.



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