‘expert psychiatrist’ court witness: Dr Hibbert, ‘The doctor who took my baby away’

‘expert psychiatrist’ court witness: Dr Hibbert, ‘The doctor who took my baby away’

Dr Hibbert is still providing reports, accepted as evidence, and helping to remove children.  Amongst the parents he has dealt with are survivors of child abuse, some abused within the ‘care’ system.  This is how victims/survivors of abuse are treated by the very professionals, that you might think would be pioneers in solving the problem of child sexual abuse.  Instead, many are not only employed, and further abusing them, but also earn vast sums, to treat sex offenders in jail.   All the while, the collusion, coverups, denial, have been allowed to continue, this has gone on secretly, too.   Dr Hibbert is before the GMC, in may, this year.  There are so many more cases that should be addressed, instead Michael Gove, has dismantled the process, doing away with the need for ‘experts’, getting a bit to messy, probably, as parents form groups to fight back, speak out, though, they risk prison for simply trying to address these types of so called ‘child protection’. all the while fooling joe public, that it is all done in the ‘best interests of children’.


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